Not just any web design company. Here’s why.

Most web design companies out there will tell you how crucial it is that you have an amazing looking website, which is very true but leaves out a critical piece of the equation. A website not only needs to look good but function as well. If you leave out that functionality you are passing up on having your website actually work for you! Your website can be taking payments, appointments, answering questions, and even more for your business which allows you more time to focus on aspects of your business that are going to make it grow!

Cocoon’s approach to web design & how it benefits you

Our approach is pretty simple. We take all those business processes that fill up your day and automate them by integrating them with your existing website or one that we create for you. This widens the potential client pool and frees up your valuable time to focus on those important business to-dos that actually GROW the business. At this point, your website becomes your most valuable employee for PENNIES PER HOUR!

Why you should hire us?

Cocoon is an established web design company that has been around for over four years. Through those four years, we have heard business owners needs for websites that go beyond design. We have heard loud and clear the need to have a website that actually works for their business. Our method of web design is in response to what we have heard. With our experienced staff of web designers and developers, marketing specialists, and graphic designers we come to the table ready to make your website one that really works for you.